Everybody in the club wanna Make poop Everybody in their car wanna Make poop Everybody going on a date Make poop Everybody running late Just make poop When you're dodging traffic cause you gotta take a dump No matter how good you drive you'll always hit a bump But you will get home now sooner or later But cross your fingers that you have toilet paper If you gotta shit and you're stuck in traffic Your palms will sweat and your ass will twitch Ain't that a bitch? If it starts to come out, just give your cheeks a pinch Pinchy-pinchy-pinchy-pinchy-pinch-poop-poop Have you ever had to take a shit at a zoo? Maybe at school? Maybe in a pool? Sometimes I have to take a shit in the drive through Ooh! Make poop This song goes out to the truckers Man I feel bad for all you motherfuckers! (Hook) Make poop The people who like jumping out a plane Make poop The people who get stuck in the rain Make poop It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor Make poop Everybody just need to make poop All the girlies do it like Britney Spears Pushing out a nutty-butty, face full of tears Mr.T has problems with his colon Cause every time he shits it looks like Gary Coleman Whenever you go and take a crap, do you ever turn around and take a look back? Do you shit before you pee? Sometimes I pee before I poop and when I poop I pee freely If this song makes you feel weird Make poop Who cares about the other people Just make poop Everybody has a butt hole, make poop If someone gets mad, tell them they make poop That's it! I haven't heard enough people out there talking about making poop! So what am I going to do? Hahahahahahaha Make poop again! (Hook) Make poop The people who like smelling their own fart Make poop The people who think shitting is an art Make poop The people who like riding on a bike Make poop Shitting is a part of life Just make poop When you're at a party and you see somebody hot They walk your way but your stomach does a knot They grab your hand for you to dance When you get to the floor, you shit your pants And it runs down your leg and into your shoe The music stops cuz it smells like poop Whatcha gonna do? You run to the bathroom with your dingle-berry stew Sweaty slimy sticky smelly Fuck fuck fuck You run to the back and the bathroom's locked Your body gets hotter cause your ass won't shut Remember when you're out of toilet paper use a sock Ooh! I'm Mr.Safety, but my real name is Cory Believe it or not I make poop every morning (Hook) Make poop The people in the USA Make poop The people who live in the UK Make poop The people in the country of Europe Make poop Everybody in the world Just make poop All the Asian people do it like Bruce Lee Shitting out a milky way running up a tree African people do it with a beat One time I almost shit myself riding in my Jeep Cause I'm just a stupid white boy I think it's funny when people get annoyed Whaaa! Does this song make you sick? I'll pull down my pants so you can suck my wiener People with a shallow mind aren't worth pleasing Cause everything I do it's always done for a reason And it's never the season for disbelieving So be open with yourself because that's who you must believe in Make poop MAKE POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP